Books, jewelry and other Christmas gifts: The Biden family goes shopping on Nantucket as America waits for its hostages to be released from Gaza

President Joe Biden and his family took over downtown Nantucket on Friday for a meal and groceries as the US waited for hostages to be released from Gaza.

The president’s traditional Black Friday outing was postponed due to the first release of hostages from Gaza in the wake of Hamas’s brutal Oct. 7 terror attack on Israel.

Biden used the White Elephant Hotel on Nantucket’s waterfront to deliver remarks about the hostage situation after the White House confirmed that no U.S. citizens were included in the initial group of 24.

The Bidens then had a very late lunch at the historic Brotherhood of Thieves whale bar and then headed to Nantucket Bookworks, stops that are part of the tradition of their Thanksgiving family trip.

The president acknowledged that he was doing some Christmas shopping.

President Joe Biden (left) bought a copy of Democracy Awakening by Heather Cox Richardson at Nantucket Bookworks while shopping with his family, including granddaughter Finnegan (right), on Friday as the US waits for hostages to be freed from Gaza

First lady Jill Biden (left) waves to onlookers as she shops with daughter Ashley Biding (right) in Nantucket on Friday

Hunter Biden (left) holds hands with his wife Melissa Cohen (left) and holds a hoodie from Brotherhood of Thieves, the Nantucket restaurant where the Biden family likes to have their Black Friday lunch

‘Yes. I can’t come without going to the bookstore. We have a tradition,” he said.

Biden walked out of the bookstore with the tome Democracy Awakening by Heather Cox Richardson.

“We’re having a great time, thank you,” Dr. Biden told reporters after leaving the bookstore.

The president then went to Craftmasters of Nantucket, a store Hunter was spotted at on Wednesday, where the first son bought a pair of slippers — possibly a gift for the president, as the family was celebrating his 81st birthday that day.

Hunter was out with his wife Melissa Cohen on Friday.

They held hands while the first son carried a Brotherhood of Thieves hoodie as they walked through the streets of Nantucket.

Hunter’s daughters from his first marriage, Maisy, Finnegan and Naomi, were also in attendance, as well as Naomi’s husband of one year, Peter Neal.

First lady Jill Biden (right) steps out of a Nantucket storefront with granddaughter Finnegan Biden (left) after the family had a late lunch and shopping before the Christmas tree lighting

First lady Jill Biden walks through downtown Nantucket on Friday. She stepped out before the president to run some errands before joining him and the rest of the Biden clan

Secret Service and White House officials hang out in downtown Nantucket as onlookers try to take photos of President Joe Biden and his family members as they dined and shopped Friday afternoon

First daughter Ashley Biden, wearing a festive kelly green coat, walked side by side with her mother.

She was accompanied by her husband Howard Kerin as she lit the Christmas tree and wore a festive headband with holly and reindeer ears.

The late Beau Biden’s children, Hunter and Natalie, also joined the family for their outing.

Bystanders shouted “Happy Birthday” to the president, who in turn gave them a “Happy Thanksgiving!”

The president walked into the Jewelers’ Gallery while Hunter, Melissa and their son, baby Beau, waited outside for the commander in chief.

President Joe Biden steps out of his SUV as he spent Friday in downtown Nantucket, first addressing hostages released in Gaza and then stepping outside for lunch, shopping and the Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

President Joe Biden and first daughter Ashley Biden are seen through the window Friday afternoon at Craftmasters of Nantucket, a store where Hunter Biden was spotted on Wednesday

President Joe Biden heads out Friday afternoon for his late lunch at Nantucket’s classic whale bar, Brotherhood of Thieves

The Biden clan reacts to the Christmas tree lighting Friday night on Nantucket. (From left) Hunter, Melissa Cohen, the President, Ashley Biden, Howard Krein, little Hunter, Finnegan, baby Beau, Maisy and Dr. Jill Biden

Several children had tried to reach their hands out of a window next to the door, but Secret Service agents warned them to close it.

But their action was rewarded as soon as they got downstairs, when the president posed for a photo with them and asked Hunter to take the photo.

After the shopping trip, the family ended up at Nantucket’s annual Christmas tree lighting.

This year, as tensions rose over the war between Israel and Hamas, a group of protesters unfurled banners and began shouting at the president after the tree’s lights came on.

“Biden, Biden, you can’t hide. We accuse you of genocide,” they sang.