Biden escapes D.C. for Thanksgiving: President lands on Nantucket for stay at billionaire friend’s $34M compound with Jill and family – giving him a break from the dire polls raising constant questions about his 2024 run

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden arrived on Nantucket Tuesday evening for their Thanksgiving break, where they will mark the holiday and celebrate the president’s 81st birthday with family.

Six of their seven grandchildren are expected to join them on the island, where they will take over billionaire businessman and philanthropist David Rubenstein’s $34 million waterfront complex for the third year in a row.

The White House officially confirmed that “friend” Rubenstein would host them for a long holiday weekend when Air Force One landed.

The withdrawal will give Biden a break in the polling after the poll predicted bad news about his chances of winning re-election next year.

Preparations have been being made on the island for days for the arrival of the Biden family.

President Joe Biden (left) and first lady Jill Biden (right) arrived in Nantucket on Tuesday evening for their Thanksgiving holiday, where they will also celebrate the president’s 81st birthday with six of seven grandchildren

The Biden clan is once again taking over billionaire philanthropist David Rubenstein’s $34 million Nantucket complex for the president’s third Thanksgiving in office

The lights of President Joe Biden’s motorcade were reflected on the tarmac of Joint Base Andrews Tuesday evening as he and first lady Jill Biden fled Washington for Nantucket for the Thanksgiving holiday

Over the past week, large military cargo planes have landed at the island’s airport, carrying the equipment needed to secure the president for his stay.

On Monday, a fleet of Massachusetts State Police motorcycles and SUVs rolled off the ferry onto the city’s main drag to be ready for Biden’s visit. About twenty to thirty motorcycles drove off the boat, along with an ambulance and a dozen police cars.

Hundreds of people follow the president wherever he goes: Secret Service agents, support staff and members of the military.

They will lock down the area around Rubenstein’s 13,000-square-foot home while the Bidens are at the residence.

The first couple will be joined by most of their grandchildren: Naomi Biden and her husband Peter Neal, Finnegan, Maisy, Natalie, Little Hunter and Baby Beau.

Only Baby Beau — and his parents Hunter Biden and Melissa Cohen — joined the first family during Thanksgiving festivities last year.

First daughter Ashley Biden also made the trip to Nantucket last year.

This year the entire clan will be there to celebrate the holiday.

On Wednesday, they will celebrate President Biden’s 81st birthday on Monday, marking the occasion with coconut cake.

A fleet of Massachusetts State Police motorcycles arrived Monday by ferry to Nantucket, where the Biden clan will celebrate Thanksgiving again

An ambulance, which is usually part of the presidential motorcade, arrived from the ferry to Nantucket Island on Monday

Massachusetts State Police SUVs and motorcycles arrived by ferry Monday ahead of Biden’s Thanksgiving trip to Tony Island

David Rubenstein’s estate occupies Abrams Point, a part of the island named after one of the last remaining Native Americans of the Wampanoag people, Abram Quary

The president and first lady will spend Thanksgiving with six of seven grandchildren, including Maisy Biden (left) and baby Beau (right)

Baby Beau with a turkey during Monday’s turkey pardoning ceremony at the White House

On Thursday, they will enjoy Thanksgiving dinner at the $34 million home and will also call military families to thank them for their service.

The meal is usually served at the Faregrounds Restaurant, where autographed photos of Biden adorn the walls.

On Fridays the family usually goes into town for lunch, shopping and lighting the Christmas tree.

President Biden usually goes to church on Saturdays. They return to Washington, DC on Sunday

It’s unclear if the first family’s dog, Commander, will join them. He was there last year.

Jill and Ashley Biden were seen walking with him on their complex’s private beach on Thanksgiving Day.

But the dog was removed from the White House after biting Secret Service members.

The Bidens have been going to Nantucket for 48 years, dating back to when Biden was a U.S. senator.

In his 2017 memoir “Promise me Dad,” Biden wrote that Thanksgiving in 1975 was the first holiday he and his now-wife Jill spent together, taking his young sons Beau and Hunter to Nantucket for some bonding time .

Since then, they have rarely missed a vacation on Nantucket.

The island became a place with many memories for the family. Beau proposed to his future wife Hallie during the city’s Christmas tree lighting in 2001 and married her at a downtown church.

During his vice presidential term, Biden and his grandchildren participated in the island’s Thanksgiving morning Cold Turkey Plunge, in which islanders and visitors gather at Children’s Beach and jump into the water to raise money for Nantucket Atheneum’s Weezie Library for Children.

Jill and Ashley Biden took Commander for a walk during Thanksgiving last year

Ashley holds up her phone to take a selfie with the first lady

The Bidens traditionally attend the city’s Christmas tree lighting. Hunter Biden, baby Beau, first lady Jill Biden and President Joe Biden await the 2022 ceremony

One of the few Thanksgivings the Bidens missed in Nantucket was in 2015, which occurred about six months after Beau Biden’s death.

The family went to Rome instead. They also skipped the trip in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We had some great years during that time, and some bad years too, but no matter what happened, whatever bumps and bruises we suffered, we put it all aside and celebrated Thanksgiving on Nantucket,” the president wrote in his memoirs.

“The holiday trip was a constant in our grandchildren’s lives from the moment they knew it, and they made it clear how much it meant to them.”

While on the island, the Bidens are staying at Rubenstein’s $34 million, 13-acre property on Nantucket Harbor.

Biden previously stayed with Rubenstein on Nantucket, including in 2014 when he was vice president.

Exclusive photos from show a sprawling property on the island’s secluded inland harbor with stunning water views as the sun sets in the background.

Rubenstein bought the waterfront property in 2000 for his now ex-wife Alice and their three children. He demolished the existing house and built a 13,000-square-foot home with a tennis court, pool, hot tub and private dock.

Zillow estimates it would cost $30,000 per month to rent.

The home is located on historic Abrams Point off Polpis Road – named after one of the last remaining Native Americans of the Wampanoag people, Abram Quary.